Information Management and Exploitation

With the vast amounts of information that we are presented with, the interpretation of information held into usable knowledge is vital for today’s society. The exchange, storage and management of processed information should not violate the confidentiality or privacy of either the information owners or those referred to in it. To deliver technologies that can effectively meet these goals is an important challenge from both a technological and societal point of view.

‘SCIIMS’ is a collaborative research project partly funded by the European Commission. The project started in November 2009 and will run for three years.

The SCIIMS project will deliver an information management and exploitation capability through experimentation and demonstration.


The SCIIMS project aims to help make sense of the deluge of information by developing innovative technology offerings in order to be able to exploit information as acquired knowledge. To do this the project will combine technologies for data integration, visualisation, and sense-making in order for users to be able to conduct analysis of information and improve decision making.


The project Consortium combines strong industry players, small to medium enterprise and academic partners to be able to deliver high quality research and development.


The project is aligned to the objectives of the European Commission SEC-2007-1.3.06 FP7 Research Call relating to the Security of EU Citizens.


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Collaborative research project funded by the European Commission 7th Framework Programme (2007-2013) under grant agreement No. 218223 copyright © SCIIMS.